Monday, April 5, 2010

April Fools boy.

Before Truman left for school on his birthday,
we let him open a coulpe of presents.
He got an I-touch.
Actually, we struck a deal with him.
If he paid for half, we'd cover the other half.
It sounded great to Truman so he forked over
his half of the money and I ordered the device.
He didn't know I got it before his birthday.
I'm sneaky like that.
In the afternoon on April 1st, Truman had a track meet.
He ran the hurdles, the 440, the mile relay and did the long jump.
He came in 3rd, 3rd, 1st and ?? respectively.
(He's in the first lane in this picture.)
Rick's dad came to watch and kept saying how uncanny it was to see Truman.
"It's like looking at Rick all over again."
Yeah, I knew not any of the kids looked like me.
On Friday we had a party with Truman's friends at the park.
They played capture the flag and football.
The kids were a lot of fun!
On Sunday we celebrated Easter and Truman & Gary's birthdays.
(More Easter to come on a seperate post.)
I'm so done making birthday cakes.
BTW - I've found a great recipe for
Strawberry Cupcakes
They're so delicious!
Try it.
So fun.

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