Friday, April 2, 2010

Truman is 14! Happy Birthday.

So today was Truman's 14th birthday.
I remember it like it was 14 years ago.
The night before he was born we celebrated
his Uncle Scott's birthday at the Tipton's home.
We had curry.
It didn't sit well on my stomach.
It very well could have been the factor that put me into labor nearly three weeks early.
Truman's original due date was April 19th - Oklahoma bombing date.
I'm glad he was born on April 1st instead!

I used to think Truman looked the most like me out of the three kids I had up to that point.
But . . . he doesn't.
Maybe just some of his freckles match mine.

Even though Truman hardly eats red meat.
He truly loves his sweets!

Each week after church, Truman would take off his shoes and place them in Rick's.
So precious.

Truman's best friend since kindergarten is Drew.
They always get along so great!
After Truman's frist day of kindergarten I met him at the bus stop and asked him how it was.
He said, "Not that great.  Don't sign me up for first grade."

When Truman was 3 he kept asking for a
We kept trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about.
He tried to describe it and it turned out to be a
He loved that thing.
I think he'll end up living in California when he grows up.
He loves the beach soooo much!
Truman ended up needing to get two molers pulled when he was 7.
He had a terrible infection which continued even after the teeth were pulled.
The swelling went up to his eye and traveled to his joints.
He stopped walking.
But, he got better.

When he was two I started washing his hair and my hands went into a blob of goo.
I took him in to the Doctor who had him x-rayed.
They found a skull fracture.
No one knows how it happened. . . .

When he was 5 he told me he had a headache,
"to infinity and beyond."
This time it was meningitis.

Since then he's had a broken foot and a broken arm.
I don't think we're finished either.

Before Quinn.
Truman was 5 years and 2 months old before Quinn was born.
That's a long time to be the baby of the famliy.
This picture is a little distrubing.
It's the distortion that bothers the eye.
Doesn't mean it itsn't still funny!

Happy birthday to my gymnastics loving,
running track
playing football
lovin music
playing percussion
& artistic

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