Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One in a million.

I took Quinn to see his pediatric neruologist today, Dr. Bodensteiner.
I love that man.
He's like Rick's Dad.
He chuckles at most everything,
has silver white hair
and he is very kind.
Today he asked me to sign another waiver.
This time for him to publish Quinn's pictures and case in a
Pediatric Neurologic Journal of Case Studies.
This is not something to be flattered about.
Rather, Quinn's case is so rare that there's very little known about it
and so much to learn.
So how is it that Dr. Bodensteiner's mentor at Mayo was one of the first
neurologists in the world to write about
Heredity Neuralgic Amyotrophy?
How is it that we found Dr. Bodenstiener at St. Joseph's?
He was our last hope before moving on to UCLA in California.
Luckily we didn't have to go.
Dr. Bodenstiener had what we needed,
a diagnosis.
We are blessed.

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