Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Day in Christmas

So this is Christmas.
At least at the Tipton home.
On Christmas morning I host a brunch at 11:00 for
my side of the family.
Above is Cole and Steven playing chess.
We always have delicious ham
with rolls, along with other sides.

This is Samy.
David's daughter.
She turned two on December 8th.
My Uncle Lloyd is in the onesize.
He dressed up for the occassion.
If he were in anything different
he would be at Church.
The boys got a new video game.
Some kind of Mario one that has 4 players.
This is what my dad does most of the time.
A nice nap after eating.
The best part of the day was
Quinn getting a Cockatiel.
He's been wanting a bird for a long time.
This is Dutch.
(named by Quinn)
He's 10 weeks old.
We're told by 10 months he should be speaking.
We love him.
It's so fun.
Who would have thought?
At the end of Christmas night Quinn said,
"I have to write Santa a thank you letter.
I got the best prestent ever."

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