Monday, January 18, 2010

So, here's the celebration.

Birthdays at our home always start with a breakfast
of the birthday boy/girl's choice.
This morning we had crepes, sausage and bacon.
Then a dinner ensues, chosen again by the birthday person.
In this case it was:
Green chili burros.
Various sides and . . . .
F O N D U E!!
We also had some red velvet cupcakes, just in case there wasn't
enough F O N D U E.
(There was.)
To dip in the chocolate fondue were:
pound cake
& cheese cake.
We had each family member share a favorite memory or two about Cole.
Jody shared Cole's award-winning second grade poem entitled
"Lizards and Their Gizzards"
It was so fun to hear what people remembered about Cole in his "early" days.
Someone, not sure who, but pretty sure.  . . . ate the frosting off of many cupcakes.
The late arrivals.
Johnny, Tony and Reggie.
I guess the big game went long.

Here's what the big 18th birthday was all about.
The SP-404.
Yep.  I've never heard of it either but Cole had to have it.
It's a sound mixer Cole can make all kinds of music with.
He had to have it and I've been hearing all kinds of music since.

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What the Hale's?! said...

I'm pretty sure know who it was too... I hope he never grows out of that phase.