Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the Second Place Winners Are . . . .

So Cole and Aleks signed up for
Desert Ridge High School's Talent Show
The performance was last Thursday.!
There were 21 acts.
But sadly, only 3 winners.
Cole and Aleks won 2nd place!

Heres to, "Dance With This" and "Real Slow"
and to two young men who like to
throw some rap music around.


Try the link below if you're up for some serious extertainment.

To experience the music for yourselves.
We also have video of the performance and win.


Post script:  I found out this afternoon that Cole and Aleks were actually
tied for first place.  The judges had to make a choice and
the girl who could do the hula with some
wicked hip swinging won.
Whatever. . . .

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