Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Friday, April 6th a few of Truman's friends threw a surprise birthday party for him.  He was with one of his best friend in Queen Creek the whole day, which allowed me to cook all the live long day.  We had copy cat Costa Vida sweet pork burritos along with the rice and dressing.  It was the best recipe that I found and it turned out delicious!  Sweet pork and fixins recipes here!  We also had two different cakes, Black Magic and 4 layer carrot cake along with fruits and veggies and chips.  And the entire Washburn clan helped out with the decorations and sodas.
We had roughly 28 girls and maybe 6 guys.  That's a normal ratio, right?
See how my mom is leaning on the counter taking it all in?  She partied with the kids all night long.  She always walks with a walker but not that night (I think she hid it out of vanity).  She's usually always sitting in her room watching TV all night.  But while the party was going on, she was front and center of all of the activities.  The next day, instead of sleeping until 10 a.m., her usual time, she slept until 12:45 p.m.  I had to check in on her just to make sure she was still breathing.  She partied too hard, and loved it.

We had Just Dance II set up outside on a big screen that the kids played.
The kids ate too!  I mean they really did eat.  I wasn't sure they would.  I'm glad they did.
Part of the cute decorations.  Marc Washburn was the official photographer, so I didn't take too many pictures.  The one below Rick took and it's real swell......but it's all I've got of  Truman blowing out his candles.
Happy 16th Truman!

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Si said...

Great looking party!
Love your blog. I'm a big photo person too :)