Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools = one 16 year old boy!

Truman turned 16 yesterday!  
 The day started out with a crepe breakfast with all the fixins.  Truman opened up some presents and even tried on a pair of shorts.  The best part of this picture is Emily's face.  "Yep, that's my brother."
Emily & Stephen spent the night to watch Conference with us and to celebrate Truman's birthday with the family later on.  After breakfast, Emily went out to her car to get something and found this.  Our front yard is rather large so 5 rolls of toilet paper doesn't quite get the job done.
 It was a fun for Truman.
 I mean, really.  How cute is Mr. Winston?!
 The Washburns came over too for dinner.
 I think we had 30 or so family members.  Most seemed to be under the age of 9!
 Truman and his cousin Chelsea.
It was my nephew's birthday too.  Funny.  Two sisters having a son on April Fool's 18 years apart.  What are the odds?  The cake had the traditional Ariel on it along with RIP and question mark candles.  The fun thing about having a kid with a birthday on April 1st is I get to use all of my left-over Christmas napkins and paper products.  And, even though I didn't have a real candle, these candles worked perfectly for the day!  What luck.

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Emily Zoe Hale said...

It's Steven. Cute post. We had mucho fun.