Monday, April 23, 2012

A Moment in Time.

Last week Truman was involved in the Desert Ridge High School Dance Concert.  (I never thought I'd be typing that last sentence.)  He took a pilot class this year called, "Athletic Movement" which was for boys only and the only class of its kind in the United States (so I'm told).  The class was physically demanding and the boys did learn a lot of manly type moves such as parkour (free running), beat boy dancing, etc.
Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the boys got to show their talents in the 2 hour plus dance concert.  On Friday, I was sitting in the audience waiting for the show to begin wondering, "How did I get here?"  I hadn't been to a dance recital since my only daughter, Emily, was in dance and that was a long time ago.  It felt a little odd being there to support my son when there were 480 kids involved and maybe 30 were of the male type.  But, nonetheless.
Truman had lots of friends involved with the concert and many friends who came to support.  Even Bama came.  He was in two dances and one was picked to go perform at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in May, a big accomplishment since only two dances in the entire program were selected.

 Friends, family and dancers.

So, what do you give your son after all of his hard work?  Flowers?  I opted for chips and homemade salsa.  He was fine with that!  (Sorry for the blurry picture, it's the only one I got.)

Truman told me this morning that he wants to drop dance and take weight lifting for next year.

I'm fine with that.

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Saragers said...

i'd rather have your homemade salsa too!!! mmmmmm....good thing i'll be home this summer! another wonderful thing to look forward to this summer!!!