Monday, March 19, 2012

Hail, yes!

Yesterday was one of those cold March days.  While coming home from church it started to hail.  After getting out of the car, this is what the boys did.

They do love themselves some weather.
Because of our Arizona "cold" day, I wore a sweater to church.  I wasn't so sure of it in the first place.  I bought it because, 
#1 It was originally almost $200 dollars
#2 It was way on sale when I bought it and 
#3 I purchased it at Anthropology.  What an awesome store, and anything I buy from there has got to be awesome, right?  After all, how can I go wrong with buying a one-time expensive sweater at a cool store?!
However, during church Quinn, my 10 year old, leaned over to me and very sincerely asked, 
"Did you wear this sweater to the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?"

No.  No I didn't.  Perhaps I should have.  
I wore this one instead.
Aren't kids great when it comes to making up your mind about something?!

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Lauri said...

Sooo funny! Anthropologie is sneaky, they make you fall for the price cuts even if it isn't that cute! Been there. Enjoy your weather day!