Sunday, March 25, 2012


The 5th graders took a field trip down to Oracle, Arizona, to tour the Biosphere.  We were a rather large group with 150 kids and chaperons, but not to worry, our ever qualified volunteer tour guides took their jobs quite seriously and we got the best information anyone could wish for!  And then some.
The Biosphere is 20 years old and the plant growth is crazy! 

I figure I'm a typical Arizona dork who, when faced with greenery, I need to snap my camera.  I'm just not used to that stuff.  When I see it, I need to make a memory because it's so rare in these parts of the wood. 
This is their "beach".  Even I know it's a sad replica of the real type.  There is a lot of growth...I think the tour guide was calling it, "coral".  I see Lost the television series.  I was a big fan and even stuck with it through the end when it got really weird.  I miss Lost, a lot.  The entire day we were at the Biosphere I kept telling my friend just how much I felt like I was in the Dharma Initiative.  The resemblance between the Biosphere and the Dharma Initiative's station was uncanny.

 Those metal things in the background are cooling fans all to help regulate the air flow in the huge structure.
Lots of tunnels and cement.  Totally Lost
The lung to help with air flow and oxygen.  I wasn't listening too closely because I was thinking about Lost.  I'm wondering if the creators of  Lost came here on a tour and then felt inspired. 
They really tried to incorporate this TV into the natural exhibit.  Being there with Quinn and his class was so much fun.  I think I'm going to get my DVDs out and start from the beginning with soon as I have the chance.

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