Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still a very merry Christmas.

 Christmas morning started around 6:00 a.m (we had to wake up the kids).  We were on a rigid schedule because we had church at 9:00 and Rick had a meeting at 8:00.  So we opened up gifts in a very timely fashion.
Stockings are always my favorite. 

Emily joined the party too. 

Truman gave Emily one of his projects from art.  It was a paper mache figure from Lord of the Rigs, Frodo, to be exact.  Emily loves him.
Can you see the ring?
 Winston got a train.
 Quinn gave Rick his Rubik's Cube because Rick is always trying to solve it whenever he puts Quinn to bed.

Truman some socks.
 I got my favorite Christmas candy, See's Bordeaux.  Delicious.
 Mouth watering.
 After church, we had a bunch at my home for my side of the family at 11:00.  We had ham and rolls with all kinds of fixins.  It was lots of fun.
My niece Sammy. 
Miss Kimber.
 Some of the group.
We had a white elephant gift exchange and then a talent show.  I saw things I never imagined possible.  How does a 50 something year old woman walk down a wall backwards, touch the ground and then come back up without injury?  I don't know but it happened.  I don't have pictures to prove it probably because I was too stunned.  Truman did a standing back flip in my living room, much to my dismay.  I worry about injury, you know.  Emily and Steven played, "O Holy Night," on the piano and Quinn was supposed to play the violin but he was too embarrassed, he said.

It was a fun and happy Christmas.  I only missed Cole a few times.  The end of January he'll be out one year. It's incredible how fast time flies.

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