Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You dress like an old lady.

A week ago, the day before school started, I went to the dollar movies with Truman and his friend, Cameron.  They were going to meet a couple of girls there so I invited myself to go with.  Two hours in an air conditioned, theatre isn't so bad.  The two girls came in after the movie had already started and sat in front of me...the boys joined them.  When the movie was over we all walked out together.  One of the girls said,
 "Look you two have the same pants on." 
I realized she was talking about me and her friend.  Then the sweet girl said,
"That means either you dress like an old lady or she (meaning me) dresses like a teenager!" 
Honest, actual quote here.  I couldn't leave it alone and said
"Did you just call me an old lady?"
the same time as her friend, my pants twin, said,
"We just shop at the same store!"  in a very embarrassed tone.
Ah youth.  Word to the wise, Down East Basic clothing store sells pants to teenagers and old ladies!  Buyer beware.

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