Thursday, August 4, 2011


Through the years we've had a pretty big tradition with birthdays.  We celebrate them for at least a week with multiple cakes and parties.  We have a family party, friends party and usually some type of acknowledgement at school.  Really, the celebrations seem to go on forever, at least for me!

One tradition we have that can never be missed is my husband's birthday drawings.  Usually they come to life late at night ergo the bizarre look of some.  However, I don't think we can blame the late hour solely on the strange content of the well wishing pages.  Rick, my husband, could possibly be more in control of the content than he admits. 
It's tradition to hang the fliers from our kitchen chandelier of the morning of the birthday for all to behold for the rest of the birthday week, sometimes even longer.  I've saved each and every one through the years for each child thinking that maybe someday I'll put a special birthday book together for the kids. 

Not only are the drawings, special, the written content is, well, special too.  I'm pretty sure the creator of these gets as much, if not more, joy out of them when re-reading them.

What's your birthday tradition?

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Rick said...

Those pictures are funny. How sweet of you to save each one.