Monday, August 29, 2011

My feet hurt.

I am a master of copying other people's stuff.  Recently we went up to Prescott for my nephew's baptism.  His mom, my sister-in-law, had painted this wall treatment on her fireplace surround.  Then, I found out my other sister-in-law had just painted the same thing on her entry way and dining room.  I had to try it.  Below are the results.
It got quite wonky in places but the pattern is forgiving and hopefully only I can tell.

Climbing up and down the ladder to reach the 10 foot high walls kind of killed my feet, a lot.  I'm pretty sure my neck and back will never be the same.  Pretty sure.

But, it turned out nice and only cost me $3 for a special 1/4 inch paint brush from Hobby Lobby.  If I had been more patient, I could have found a coupon and gotten it even cheaper!  I used old paint that was gummy and dried almost before I could put it on the wall.  That wasn't fun.  I had grand ideas of going around the corner to the left of the picture over the den but once I got started, I nixed that crazy idea real fast!


Wendy Hansen said...

That looks awesome. So how did you do it? Don't worry, I won't copy, I don't have the energy.

Tipton said...

Go to it's a great place to visit!