Monday, July 18, 2011

Waves, Dory & Doughnuts.

Mr. Q knows how to work the waves with his skim board. 
Our family picture at Balboa.  Even though Cole wasn't there to cause me grief with his picture taking antics, Truman isn't far behind.  I suppose he feels obligated to carry on his big brother's tradition.  He's actually mostly decent in this picture. 
Yep, you read the t-shirt right.  Our first beach shirts ever reads, "Beach, Eat, Sleep, Repeat." courtesy of Tiffany, Rick's sister, the mistress of fun. 
All but two!!  We got every one in the picture but Cole, who's in Japan, and Nixie, who was sleeping.  We learned last year not to wake her up for a silly family photo!  I counted 36 family members.  Nuts.
The old fish market at Newport Pier.  Needless to say, I've only gone in once, maybe twice in the last 25 years!  But isn't the outside quaint?!

Our official stop after our Seaside Doughnut run.  Literally, some of us run 2-3 miles each morning and then walk 1 mile back to the doughnut shop where I (I can only speak for myself) get a cinnamon roll that weird? 
Emily and her camera. It's still attached at her wrist. 
Our beach house is the little blue one.  It was better than expected which is always a good thing.  So long beach house until next year.

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