Monday, January 3, 2011


On December 28th, 6 days after Mr. Winston was born, Emily was showered with gifts!

Her theme & colors for the baby's room is taken, "The Giving Tree" which is an adorable book.  If you haven't read it yet, do so.  It's quick reading, honest.  I tried to hold to that theme at least color wise.  So if you're wondering, "Where are the traditional baby shower colors?"  There aren't any!

Steven's mom and sister Kaylen attended.  We were so happy they could come!

Friends from Mesquite Canyon Ward came to wish Em & Winston well. 

A ba ba ba, a.k.a. Cherisse, shows off one of her multi talents with the baby quilt she made for Winston.  She had us write a special message to the babe in one of the white squares.  After the shower she put Winston's name in the middle of the quilt.

Here is Bama and Great Aunt Jody.

Our watering/laundry hole.
This is where you could stop by and quench your thirst and check out the cute clothes for Winston.

Tiffany, Heather & her daughter, Chelsea.
Heather & Chelsea drove from Prescott just for the shower.
Thanks for the support!!
Tiffany made a delicious potato soup that we placed in bread bowls.
Perfect four our wintry weather.

Proof that Emily bears no resemblance to me.
Nothing alike.

Steven's mom, Kennan & the rest of us.

The great G-mas on Emily's side.

Cole came home before the shower was completely over and talked Paige into giving him a
 missionary haircut
It's weird, I know.
That's my son for you.
Thanks, Paige!

Thanks for the delicious
Creme Brule

Heather's boys were brought over at the end of the shower with Jay to see Winston.  Look at Jake's (blond) body language......
super cute.

Cousin, Chelsea and Winston.
He's making a silly face.

Isn't this a precious picture?  The happy family.

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Lawanna said...

Tracy, the pictures are wonderful. He sure is a cutie!!