Friday, January 21, 2011

Oregano's for R. Cole Tipton's 19th birthday celebration!

So on Cole's 19th birthday, January 11, 2011, we took the family out to eat at one of Cole's favorite places, Oregano's.

 Rick and I were delegated to the small table at the end of our party 'cause no one else wanted to sit there.  Also, Quinn had to be next to Winston so that he could have his hand in his car seat at all times.
 This is the best shot I have of Cole.....if I would have asked him to pose, it would have been worse.  Trust me on this one.
See what I mean?
Such a sweet bunch of kids. 

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Saragers said...

I get sad when i see pictures! i'm sooooo sad we won't be at coles farewell!!! my oldest nephew going on a mission, and i can't even be there!! ahhhh!!! btw, the pillowcase should get to your house tommorrow. it better. i was given a guarantee it would!! give cole and everyone else a hug from me!!