Saturday, September 25, 2010

An unfortunate event.

Cole was leaving for school Friday morning.
He's studying film
Scottsdale Community College.
His transportation happens to also be his
first car.
It's a 1997 Mercury Tracer.
It's purple too,
Barney purple.
As Cole was walking out the front door he said,
"My horn honks randomly so I have to unhook the battery."
"What?"  I said, falling off my chair while I laughed my head off.
(I mean, I really laughed and laughed hard.
I'm still laughing as I write this.)
"Well, when I'm driving and the horn goes off,  I just hit the horn and it stops.
I can't do that when I'm in the house or at school so I have to unhook the battery."
Then he left out the door shaking his head to the sounds of my laughter.
Why is it I find his unfortunate event so completely
Could it be that it's as it should be?
I mean, he's an 18 year old boy with an old, purple car.
A boy who has given me more trouble than my dog Ted.
(That's saying a lot!)
I think it's one of those Universe things.


Chris and Heather said...

BTW, how is Ted?

Tipton said...

Ted is great! He has a cataract in his left eye. But he still has the other one!