Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just an everyday bra

On Monday I went to Victoria's Secret to
buy a new bra.
It had been some time since I performed this task.
So long in fact that the sales lady asked,
"What kind of bra are you looking for?"
To which my obvious reply was,
"A good one."
"So, you just need an everyday bra then," she replied?
"Yeah, I guess, just an every day bra."
Um I didn't know there was anything different.
Now I know.
I mean, I guess I've always known
but in my small, efficient world,
a zebra striped, sexy bra costing
a bundle just doesn't serve my needs.
Maybe someday I'll require more than
an everyday bra.
Who knows?

1 comment:

Emily Zoe Hale said...

... did my mom really just blog about bras? I think I am due for a new one (or few)too. I have not gotten a new one since I was 14 (seriously) and the one I currently wear was given to me to "borrow" 4 years ago... I don't even have a clue what size I am at this point but can assure you, it's not the size I used to be. Help me mommy.