Monday, October 4, 2010


The other day I went out for a little shopping.
Of course I went to my favorite store
They were having a sale upon a sale.
Take an extra 40% off of the lowest sale price.
That kind of sales talk just screams my name.
After purchasing a lovely
Ralph Lauren shirt dress for myself,
I decided to go to the mens' section.
Timothy was there. (That's what his name tag said.)
"Nice to see you again. It's been a long time," he said
as he reached his hand out toward mine to shake.
"Nice to see you too," I said.
Should I be embarrassed that the salesman at
Dillards recognizes me?
"How was your summer?" He said.
"Oh, um, too long. It still feels like summer here."
He let me continue on browsing. I found a shirt for Rick and took it up to his counter to purchase.
"I like your hair," said Timothy, "It's very pretty."
I told him, "Thanks" and went on my way.
I know I shop at that Dillards fairly frequently but, come on, I didn't think I went there enough to be missed.
However, I'm a sucker for a compliment, wherever I have to get one.

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Chris and Heather said...

Nice. I need some compliments. Perhaps I'll pay Timothy a visit.