Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is my birthday!

This is my kindergarten picture.
I barely tuned 5 when this was taken.
I wore my
Flower girl
dress for the pictures.
As you may gather from the colors of the dress,
the wedding colors were
brown & yellow.
That's the '70s for you!
Ahhh, I loved it so!
I also had some
Buster Brown
shoes to go with.
They were shiny and brown and tan.
"What's that toothless smile?"
You may ask.
Well, my teeth were rotten down to the nubbins from being put to bed with a
bottle of apple juice nightly as a baby.
(Don't try that one at home!)
They stayed that way until I started loosing my teeth in
First Grade!
Don't think that wasn't attractive.

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