Monday, August 23, 2010


Yes.  This is a barf bag.
The exact type you'd get on an airplane
should the turbulence be too much for ones stomach.
I didn't get a lot of turbulence on this particular flight to
San Francisco,
but I did get to ride with the entire band
back when I was 16 years old!
Talk about a thrill!
The band was in
First Class.
I wasn't.
I knew this would be a once in lifetime opportunity so,
I walked up to
First Class with my
barf bag and asked
Steve Perry
for his autograph.
He said, "Do you have a pen, sweetheart?"
"Ahh," I looked around to the band members and asked,
"Can I borrow a pen?"
One of the members handed me one.
I got my autograph.
See it here?
It says,
Journey, Steve Perry.
Not only did I get to fly with them
but they also went to the
baggage claim and waited for their luggage.
I was thrilled!
I had been to their concert in
the night before where it was sold out for
three performances.
Now here I was waiting with them at the
luggage carousel.
How lucky can a girl get?


Lauri said...

I JUST told my boys that story the other day when they were saying how cool Journey was and they want to meet you now. They think you are way cool. Cuz you are.

poseygirl said...

You are so lucky to have met Steve and Journey! Thank you for sharing your story and do you think it says, Journey "on"?
That's a barf bag to keep for eternity!