Saturday, February 6, 2010

The dog ate it.

Ted (our dog) likes books.
He doesn't like to read them.
He likes to eat them.
He's done this to other books before,
just not to Quinn's library books.
Guess we just purchased a couple of
gently used
He does this during the night
when not a creature is stirring.
These were left on Quinn's beside table,
which was next to a chair
where Ted was able to reach the books
by jumping on.

1 comment:

juliette said...

Sigh- I needed these posts tonight. The chewed on books and the random ripsticks. They put a much needed smile on my face after one rough night with the owner of the house I live in. I think they reminded me that maybe one day I will have a garage of MY OWN with some random neighbors toys. Ok- I have officially gone crazy.