Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anybody want to buy a Minivan?

Here's the delimma.
Our Honda Odyssey is almost 4 years old.
Should we stay or should we go?
I mean
Do we keep it or do we sell it?
This car is fully loaded with a
DVD player, a
navigation system,
leather seats,
a moon roof,
the works.
(I'm trying to sell it here.)
Not quite 70,000 miles.
Not too bad.
It's been an A W E S O M E vehicle!!
I'm just done with the "mom car" thing.
But then I think of how comfy it is.
I think of how many bodies we can transport at one time.
I think of how would we ge to Newport this summer in a smaller vehicle.
Also, I just got the back windshield wiper fixed.
It hasn't worked since our trip back from Newport last June.
It's so nice to have a back wiper when your window is dirty!
Our mechanic who fixed it said he'd never use the wiper.
"I'm old school.  We didn't have back wipers on cars when I grew up."
He didn't understand why I paid to have the wiper's motor replaced.
Somehow it makes me love the car more.
Maybe I'm not done with the whole minivan thing?

What to do?

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Lauri said...

I didn't know we have the VERY SAME van as you do and I had that VERY SAME conversation the other day. Lately, it is just me in that big car and I wonder if we need it still. But vacation time it is awesome, don't you think? Ours is three years old this month, and I am hanging on to it a bit longer.