Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Prescott Thanksgiving

Ever other year the Tiptons get together for Thanksgiving.
It's a tradition.
This was the odd year.
Still, some of us Tiptons got together.
The Hancocks, my family, hasn't had a Thanksgiving together in years.
Heather, our hostess, opened up her home and kitchen to us.
The kids helped a lot.  Chelsea and Cole cut up a bunch of shallots.
Their eyes hurt.  Burned is more like it.
We had two turkeys.
One in the deep fryer.
The other cooked the traditional way in the oven.
Both were delicious.
The fryer got a lot of attention.
When you have to use protective eye wear and silicone gloves to cook your meal,
you better be thankful no one got hurt but the turkey.
The finished product.
Notice how it took three grown men to complete the process?
Rick, Jay and Mark, Heather's dad.
We put Max and Jonathan to work peeling potatoes.
They were happy to help. Honest.
Heather, me and Janet. 
Lots of food and fun.
The kids' table.
The adult table - although that could be questioned.

My favorite part of the event was when Heather's friend brought over her homemade caramels.
They're called Black Crow Caramels.

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