Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Emily was Mrs. Bumble for the play, Oliver!
It was fun watching her being mean.
The play was produced by Don Bluth.
He's had a lot of success in the business.
Anastasia is one of his movies.
He happens to live in her ward.

Bama, Emily and Janet.  The two grandmas.

Family came to support her.  It was enjoyed by all.
Two of her aunts came.  I think they had a good time.

Her parents had fun too.

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Saragers said...

i'm seriously crying right now!! i hate missing out on things and i miss my family!!!everybody looks like they're doing well. i especially like the picture where cole is pushing trumans face. that brought extra tears. i'm so sad i missed mean emily in oliver!!! she'll have to do a reenactment when we get home after christmas!! i'm glad everything is going well. maybe one day i'll update my blog so you can see what life is like here.