Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tipton Surprise

Gary, the patriarch of the Tipton family, decided to put on a surprise birthday for his soon to be 70-year-old wife, Janet. Preparations were made in secret for weeks. Requests were put out for family and friends of old to write their memories of Janet. Some of the group waiting for the arrival of the birthday girl. Here's the twist, Gary had been sick in bed on the day of the surprise party. He insisted they go out to eat (knowing family had traveled from far to be here). When Janet protested, because of Gary's illness, Gary had to give up the ghost and tell of his sinister secret plot of a surprise party. Now Janet knew but she didn't know we knew that she knew. So, we had to play along with her acting like she was surprised. We acted like we were happy that she was surprised. Understand?
Janet walked into the secluded quarters at Mimi's Cafe with a surprised look on her face.
Emily Zoe ran up and gave her a warm birthday welcome.
Tiffany crowned her with a '70' sparkling crown and a, "Kiss me. It's my birthday!" sash.
The cake is being brought in by the staff. All eyes are on the cake!
Cherisse made the banana cake on top and the Boston cream cake on the bottom.
It was a delight. We still knew that she knew but she didn't know that we knew that she knew. It all worked out.


Tipton said...

Wow. Looks like you guys had a great time! Can't believe she didn't know that you knew that she knew.

juliette said...

Yea! I love "not such a suprise suprise parties!"