Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rattler Pride

It's award season. Tonight Truman's Junior High School, Desert Ridge, had the Spring Sports Award Ceremony. Truman's team meddled in the 4x400 mile relay. Truman is the only 7th grader on the 4x400 team.
Then came the individual awards: Most improved, Most Valuable Player, and the one Truman got, The Rattler Pride Award. It's the all around, good sport, good team player, good kid award. He also got this award in the Winter Award Ceremony for Cross Country.
Way to go, Truman!!
He's following in Emily's footsteps. Except she got her Rattler Pride Awards in Cheerleading, Soccer and Orchestra. I would hope Truman wouldn't get it for Cheerleading!
Something would be wrong.

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juliette said...

He is Rick with your coloring! He looks more like Rick every time I see him. Congratulations Truman from one track lover to another!