Friday, June 1, 2012

Writers block, or May is crazy!

When May was on its way, just about the only thing I was thinking about was...the phone call.  The one we would receive from Cole, who is on his mission, on Mother's Day.  Other things happened in May, a whole heck of a lot, in fact.  However, once we communicated with Cole, my mind shut down into this happy little world and I haven't been thinking blog straight since. Not only did we get to talk to him, but we got to see him as well on Skype.  Who invented that by the way?  I need to give them a big hug or something nice.  It really changed my world and made it so much better!  Cole has been able to call home 3 times now (two Mother's Days and one Christmas) and this was our first time being able to Skype. 

I uploaded my pictures from my camera to my computer this morning and saw some images that I had plumb forgotten about.  Life did indeed move on and lots of fun stuff happened before and after the call.
 Emily turned 23!  Oh my.  See the wonderful card I got for her?  So funny. I love unfortunate family photos.
I found a sweet pitcher for her, among other items.  We ate at Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert.  I had never been there so I didn't know what to order.  I chose a burger and it was out of control delish.  One of the servers had to be over 7 feet tall....not exaggerating!  My mom is all of 4' 8" and was astounded by this boys height.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the two of them side-by-side now that I think of it.
Quinn started cleaning out his desk and school room during May.  He brought home all kinds of projects.  I chose to take a picture of this one and then throw it away.  It was hard but he was fine with my plan.  One less thing to store away.
 A Sunday afternoon sometime in May after church.  Someone loves somebody.
Quinn had a Famous American report he did in May too.  He chose John Hancock and as part of his grade, he had to dress up like him.  So, for part of his costume, I put a lot of time, effort and money into making him an awesome powdered wig.  When he tried it on at home, he looked more like the professor from "Back to the Future", which gave the family a full evening of entertainment.  He didn't wear the wig.
The last day of school was May 24th.  What's up with that?  I remember I didn't graduate until June 5th.  Sheesh.  Truman will be a Junior next year and made it onto Student Body Student Council, a big feat!  There was a banquet for that too.
Quinn's last day photo.  He reminds me of the the bad guy in one of those old James Bond films.
End of the year orchestra concert.  At least that was short and sweet.  Although, what's up with the orchestra parents who start waiting in line 2 or more hours before the concert just so they can get a seat up front?  This is elementary school people.  Chill.
Isn't this normal in your home?  I see this every night.

We finished May celebrating my Mother-in-Law's 73rd birthday at Crackers.  Yum.  Later that night I took Truman and Cameron to see Fun., the band.  It was awesome!  I was plugging my ears during the warm-up act called, Now Now, and some sweet white-haired usher lady saw me and handed me some ear plugs.  I was wondering right when she handed them to me if I should go get some toilet paper to stuff in my ears.  I mean, I didn't want to loose my hearing to a band I didn't even know.  That would be bad.  Goodbye May, even though it was super busy with the end of school year, Mother's Day and birthdays, I loved it.

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