Monday, June 25, 2012

Quinn turns 11, and Happy Father's Day!

This year we combined  Father's Day breakfast and Quinn's birthday breakfast, which meant I was able to kill two breakfasts with one skillet!  The day was hectic and full of family.  Both Quinn and Rick requested crepes with bacon and sausage for their morning food.
For our Father's Day dinner, I set up a beautiful table in the dining room with our nicest goblets and curry bowls from Japan, since curry was on the menu.  Emily made a Happy Father's Day banner and put it up in the dining room as well.  However, when then father's arrived, they meek-ish-ly said that they would prefer to sit at the women's table because it was in the family room where the TV was and some sports championships happened to be on.  What else is new?  So the men got their wish, and the women sat in the dining room.  Emily and I waited on the men, filling their drinks and getting them seconds, basically catering to their every need. 
Then it was time for cake; cheesecake (two of them), Texas sheet cake, Jello/lookathecake cake and pumpkin bars.  I'm not kidding.   
I made strawberry and blueberry topping for the cheesecakes.  I also made two different kinds of cheesecake because I was worried that one wouldn't be enough and I didn't know how good they would be.  How obnoxious is that?! 
 Quinn had a wonderful time opening presents. 
 Quinn specifically asked for Sparkling Apple Cider for a present.  He ended up with four bottles.
Bama was able to make it.  The little girl cousins, and sometimes Winston, ran around screaming most of the time.  They were so loud even Bama could hear them.  (Please note the TV is on in the background the entire time.  Again, a Father's Day miracle.)
 A few of he Fathers and Violet relaxing, watching some kind of sport thingy.
 Danny and Kelly showed up.  Emily made ties for the dads to wear too.  Kelly has his on.
When it was all over, I felt like I had Post-Traumatic Father's Day Syndrome.  Unfortunately I couldn't recuperate because the following day was Quinn's actual birthday.  This year he didn't have a party but chose one friend to got to lunch and a movie with.  We ended up going to Johnny Rockets for lunch and then on to "Madagascar III" .
 Quinn marked his cider, don't you worry.
Quinn enjoying his cider.  He had to get a special glass for the drink.  It kind of looks like I have an 11 year old lush.   
After the birthday lunch but before the movie, Quinn and Cooper jumped on the trampoline with a water sprinkler underneath.  They had so much fun!  I felt a little, shall we say white trash-ish, but the boys didn't care and jumped and laughed until it was time to go to the movie.  Afterwards they said it was the best time ever.  Take that swimming pools.
A few days after Quinn's actual birthday, Rick took the boys to Jump Street.  A place with lots of trampolines.  I was at work so there is no pictures to present.  However, Rick did video Truman, my 16 year old, completing a double back flip on the trampoline.  Just as well.

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