Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween has earned a new name, Halloweek!  I'm pretty sure it's not just me who feels there are so many activities in honor of the last day of October.  Each year I feel that there are more celebrations and outings attributed toward Halloween than Christmas, minus the gifts.  Although, I did purchase a ton of candy that could, in fact, be viewed as a gift.  Still, there's something magical about carving a pumpkin with your kids.  Truman wasn't home when Quinn and I (mostly me, who are we kidding?) carved his pumpkin.  I feel bad that I didn't take a picture of Truman's pumpkin that he did end up carving, all by his-self!

Quinn ended up going as a 1920's gangster, Baby Face Nelson.  I'm not making that up.  Don't ask. The red cloth around his neck happens to be his pillow case to place his Halloween loot in.  He didn't want to use the darling pumpkins I've had forever...sad.  Truman went as a burnt marshmallow.  He looked so good that none of the pictures I took of him turned out....I took them outside after dark and my camera is dumb.
Happy Halloweek!!

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