Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dance Fever!

Forgive me whilst I indulge in a lot of blurry pictures.  See, the music was playing and we were moving and obviously I don't know how to use my camera settings, thus the blur.  However, it does give you an idea of how fast these kids were moving.  I may have even been caught doing a few robot-type moves myself.

Here's the good part.  While we all jammed, and I mean jammed, Rick read the funnies.  If you're wondering what he does after being down at the church from 6:30 a.m until after 5:00 p.m. on any given Sunday, wonder no more.  The mystery is cleared up now.  You're welcome.
More dancing. 
Stopping to smile. 
A schrunchy smile. 
Have I mentioned Em and family moved in with us temporarily?  They're house hunting and their lease was up and hey, we had two empty rooms, so it was natural.  I'm loving it!  Mr. Winston is fabulous.  His parents aren't bad either.
More dancing after I found my "indoor" setting on my camera.  (Are we the only ones left on this planet who don't own a flat screen TV?...see background ...I'm trying hard not to be embarrassed.  We purchased our dinosaur the season before the flat screens hit the market.  I now know why it was so cheap!)
Someone save the baby.  What are they dancing to?  "Hey Ya" by Outkast, of course!
Oh, and this little boy started walking today.  He was chasing a girl at church and took off. 

Who wouldn't love that face?

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