Sunday, October 9, 2011

This kid loves Legos.  We have three, almost four tubs full of the little blocks, and that's not enough.  This is one collection the kids can add to forever.  I took the boys to Lego Land a few years back (while their dad stayed behind) and they still says it's their favorite place to go. 

We drove on the first day of spring break in our brand new car, literally purchased the day before.  Just as we were entering the mountains between AZ and southern CA, it started to snow.  Then we got caught in a terrible traffic jam. 

But wait, that's not all, just about 20 minutes into the grid-lock, Truman said,

"I don't want to throw up!"  To which I said,


Then, blah.......he threw up all over the back of the brand spanking new car.  We sat in the car, unable to open the windows very much because of the snow for three hours waiting for the traffic to start moving.  The car was now ours for sure.  Once we finally arrived at the hotel, I was able to clean the interior.  Just my luck.  The first time I ever get a new car and the very next day it's bathed in throw up!  That was a fun trip.

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