Monday, October 17, 2011

Broken China.

My heart stopped for a few beats yesterday just after a special piece of my treasured china crashed to the ground.  I may have even let out a primal scream as the tragedy transpired.  This china was passed down  from my husband's grandmother, to his mother, to me.  I scored it while helping my in-laws move from their big house to their less than big house several years back.  I think I caught my mother-in-law in a weak moment when she released the box of china to me.  I've cherished it ever since and yesterday, well, I feel like I've lost a little piece of history.  It seemed almost primal to just throw the pieces in the trash.  I felt if I documented the carnage, at least we'd have proof that it once was....even if it was in pieces. 
This set was purchased by my husband's grandparents on a trip to the Orient and, as you can see, it was made in Occupied Japan which equals post World War II era (1945-1951).  My oh my, what a klutz I was to knock that china bowl to the ground.  Sometimes I wish there were do-overs.

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Saragers said...

you should mosaic something with the broken pieces!!