Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Tiptons

It's taken a while for me to get these up on my little blog.  There was no cooperation with my computer in my endeavor, took me some time to figure it out.  Some time soon I'll have a computer savvy person come to visit it and he/she will make it all better. 

We had a very fun holiday with the Tiptons, 31 of them in total.  We only were lacking Cherrisse's family who celebrated Texas style in Lubbock.

Tiffany was the hostess this year and she did a wonderful job!  She set a cute table(s).
The preparations went on for hours.
Steven fried a turkey, Cajun style
while Tiffany cooked a traditional one in the oven.

Part of the day consisted of writing three things we were grateful for
and then trying to pick who wrote what.
Tiff even gave an Old Navy gift certificate to the one who
picked the most people.
I lost by one.

Here's our
"Thankful for" leaves.

Our great host and hostess.
I don't envy them.

This seems sick and wrong and yet we all do it.
When your belly gets big,
put it to work!

Our cute decor.

 Some of the first to be seated.  Jamie, my-sister-in-law, and me........I was hungry.
Papa, always a crowd pleaser with the kids.

Getting ready for our
Kick-Ball game.
We always play boys against the girls.
It can get ugly.

It was also cold!

Emily holding the last born Tipton grandchild who just turned one
while preparing for Winston's arrival in January.

The, "Day after Thanksgiving hike"
with the men and kids.
We women are smarter than you think!

 I think the kids had a great time!  After the hike, they went and shot guns and then we hit up Costa Vida for dinner and a movie then more shopping.


Lauri said...

How fun for you all! Cold. Haha. That was funny. I hope I get a real card from you, that blog one is a sneak peek, right? Yours are always so cute! Next year you will have a grandbaby in the picture too, how exciting??!!!

Emily Zoe Hale said...

I am going to miss doing that with my stomach. It really comes in handy... and catches all my food.

Saragers said...

i can't believe our family still celebrates things whilst i'm away. it is unfair and it makes me sad. i am literally crying right now and found myself searching for me in those pictures. i also am sad i've pretty much missed the whole of emily's pregnancy. the pregnant belly does come in handy though. can't wait to see it in person. sorry long comment. i live in texas.