Wednesday, December 8, 2010


December is for Disneyland?  What?!  Last weekend we went off to Disney with a favorite family from the Valley.

We just happened to be going to D-land the same time as our old neighbors, so we met up and experienced D-land together.  Truman's best friend is Drew, they've been buds since Kindergarten.  Quinn's best friend is Cooper and they've been bffs since they were 3. 

This picture is of me and my boys.
Don't ask where Rick is.
He showed up 1 1/2 hours later after getting DayQuil for Cole.
Long story.

I thought the boys were the only ones being goofs, I was mistaken.....did you notice my sweater?  I spent half the day with it buttoned like that.  You'd think I would know how to button my sweater correctly by now.  I'm pretty sure it's the boys' fault though.......

 Cooper and Quinn lovin' some honey.  They were initially boycotting splash mountain, that's why they were sitting with the kiddie honey pots. Once the others went on the ride, they grew some chest hair and went on the ride too.

Who took the picture, you may ask? Well, I don't have chest hair and it was too cold to for me to get wet.  Get real.
 I've talked before about how Rick gets in my, "head space".  Point in case.  This is me saying, "Hey, you're in my head space, cock your head to your left, please.

 What would an hour wait at Indiana Jones' be without watching, "Star Wars," on an ipod?!
 Truman and Drew, 'nuff said.
 Cole wasn't feeling great so he took a little rest on the island that used to be Tom Sawyer's, not sure what they call it now.
 Ah, the joy of a fake smile.  He still looks cute.
Truman, Drew and Brady sitting on lots of treasure.

Karen was the only one over 18 to join the tea cups with the younger boys.  That girls is a risk taker!

Okay, the best thing about this picture, other than we're almost all in it (except Karen), is that my sweater is buttoned correctly!  Thanks for that.