Monday, March 1, 2010

Matsuri or some kind of crazy dress up show?

On Satruday we went to the Matsuri (a.k.a. Japanese Festival).

We've taken the kids each February for years.

We always get good food there and a taste of the Japanese culture when we go.
It reminds us of when we lived there with Emily.

These are the Taiko drums.
When they're played, it's awesome!

This artist comes each year to make intricate candy sculptures.
He does a fantastic job!

Quinn &Truman tried out the karesansui, a.k.a. sand garden.
However, not all of the festival was full of culture . . .
There were all kinds of kids dressed up as Japanese animae characters.
I kid you not, these pictures do not do them justice!

Actually, the guys on the left are legit.  The others are wannabes.
Please don't miss the middle girl's tail.
That is a girl.
I had to put a picture of this comic book in because it reminded me of Emily.

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