Friday, March 19, 2010

Dutch Flew the Coop . . . .

So, Dutch has flown the coop.
Today Dutch was with Quinn while he was on the computer and
I was outside washing the windows on the house in the back yard.
I left the door open.
Wouldn't you know it,
Dutch's clipped wings have grown back and
he can fly.
Which means a boy on a computer,
a mother on a ladder washing windows and
a bird who has his once clipped wings grown back
makes for a great escape.

We combed the neighborhood all day
looking for our beloved Dutch.
I'd like to think he's happy.
Quinn hopes he didn't get eaten by a dog.
He keeps thinking of all kinds of scenarios.
(None of them good.)

No more, "cat call" from Dutch when we walk down the hall.
It was a self esteem booster to have someone whistle at you in a sexy manner,
even if it was just a bird.
Quinn said, "Now Santa will never bring me another bird
'cause he'll say I won't take care of it."
I don't think I've seen an 8 year old boy cry so much.
Here's to you Dutch.

We love you.
Please fly back home.
No questions asked.

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What the Hale's?! said...

Yep... This breaks my heart.