Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three down, one to go.

Truman got his braces off not long ago. Last night, after he was flexing for me, I asked him if I could get a picture of him with his braces, thus the shirtless grin. I don't like it when the boys walk around without their shirts - it's something I don't tolerate, don't know why.

Truman actually won his braces! He entered a writing contest held by a local orthodontist at his school last year. The ortho picked 5 or so finalists and had each one come in for an evaluation. Several days later, Truman was picked. When I went in to fill out the papers, on the financial part it said, "Scholarship worth $5,400, amount due: Z E R O!" Ha! I was so happy. We'd already put Emily and Cole through braces. Truman saved us so much money!

Because of this wind fall, I told Truman that I would buy him something. He deserved it. He said he wanted the Transformers Wii game. Alright, I'd gladly pay $50 for a game than to pay for braces. When we got to Target, the game was on sale for $14.99, does that ever happen? Truman was happy with the game and I was just plain happy!!

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