Sunday, November 18, 2012

Family pictures

We had family pictures taken for the first time in a couple of years due to Cole being on his mission.  It was a nice morning full of the same Tipton/Hale tricks and moves to make a photo session memorable.
Winston was adorable and smiled while, in most of the pictures, he held onto a Smartie that I had given him as a bribe.  He never ate it.

 Smartie in hand.

 Steven with his Mini-Me on his shoulders.

 Oh, just a few of the poses...there are more like these.  Lots more.
 What a cute kid.

 We love Yoga, apparently.
 My only daughter.  Such a beauty.

 Quinn had a tongue/smile issue.....don't know what happened.
The other day Rick, Truman, Quinn and I were driving home from some event and a conversation about puberty ensued.  I guess the kids in his 6th grade class were talking about it and how bad it can be when Truman offered;

"Puberty was pretty good to me."

"Why?" Quinn asked.

"Have you seen me?"  Truman replied.  That sums it up.

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