Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cereal Killer!

Our family is a cereal eating family. Cereal is our main breakfast except for birthdays and holidays. So I can see how multiple boxes of the same exact cereal get opened, I think. However, it does make me want to become a cereal killer at times. Once or twice a month I preform the task of "cereal consolidation."

I take this seriously.

How else will my cupboards be organized and I have enough room for the new cereal?

I've given up on trying to explain to the household inhabitants on the virtues of finishing the opened boxes before getting a new one. That kind of lecture falls on deaf ears, I'm afraid.

I've relented.

It's a lost cause.

I'll just be a cereal killer instead.


Steven and Emily said...

Wow! I'm shocked. Seriously. Now that I move out all the rules change. Awesome. Now I will be beyond shocked if you buy Cinnimon toast crunch regularly. Heaven forbid we eat it!

Tipton said...

We have four boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the pantry now. See what happens when you leave?!

Lauri said...

We have the same disease at our house. It drives me nuts too.

Janet said...

Hey, we can serve time together Tracey. I'm a ceareal killer too!