Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rick and I wanted to get a picture of just the two of us, for posterity, you know while at Newport. Here's the thing, why is it that I look so distressed because his head is encroaching in on my head space? You can see by the troubled look on my face that I am experiencing the, "you're in my head space," phase!
Still, Rick is in my head space but I here I'm trying to stand my ground and not give in to his encroaching head tilt. Although still troubling, at least I'm trying to smile. You'd think it would be easier for two adults to take a picture. Not so. Troubling I tell ya.


juliette said...

That might not be the best shot for posterity.

fantastic6 said...

I did laugh out loud girl!!! as funny as Tori and Leann said it was:) It was great to be a part of your birthday celebration.